December 9, 2009 - January 30, 2010



At the Postalco shop in Kyobashi there is something unusual. We are proud to have the printed works and small sculptures of Goro Kakei in our shop.

We heard that when Kakei rebuilt his house/studio he included only one window. It was made to see a nearby chestnut tree. This might be a hint at a way of approaching things around us. Normally when you add something to a wall the room feels smaller. But a Kakei print on the wall, giving the impression of a window looking out onto an expansive scene, often makes a room feel larger. The line work and composition of his prints seem to pull us into larger spaces. The house shown in this lithograph is like an expanding floating construction which feels like it will begin moving at any moment. The Postalco shop is not a gallery. There are various things mixed together with the Kakei's works-plants, books and stationery. If you have a chance, please pass by for a look.

October 6 - 19, 2009 -Around Sanju-

[Place] Ginza Gekkoso

I have assembled three elder artists who are not only near or over 80 years old but continue even today to devote themselves to seek originality and innovation in their fields.

They have yet to work together or host a joint exhibition but I felt their works share a common message. They are Goro Kakei (79), the foremost figure in sculpture, Yoji Kuri (82), the pioneer in the field of animation, and Sadamasa Motonaga (86), a founder of the Kansai branch of the GUTAI group.

There is a sense of humor flowing beneath their works. They celebrat humanity through them.

We still have a lot to learn through these artists.

May 23 - June 21, 2009 -KAKEI GORO's World Exhibit-

[Place] Shinano Drawing Museum
[Hours] 10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Closed on Tuesdays


"Forms" of Goro Kakei explode, waft, roar, and cackle.

They gulp and consume joys of living. These works force the entire human kind into joining in creation.

Come if you doubt my words.

Your stubborn ego, trivial woes, and worldly resentment will be blown apart.
Seiichiro Kuboshima

May 1 - 17, 2009 -Prints of KAKEI GORO-

[Place] gallery & cafe MIRUME
[Hours] 11:00a.m. - 6:30p.m.
Closed on Wednesdays


Goro Kakei who resides in Chofu, Tokyo, is a prominent sculptor who had worked extensively both in Japan and abroad.

His works are not limited to just sculptures, but also extend to paintings and drawings in various styles.

We are fortunate to have him as our neighbor and it's a joy to be able to exhibit his prints here at MIRUME. Please take a walk not only from near, but also from far, to experience the Goro Kakei world and his heart-moving, distinctive works.

gallery & cafe MIRUME

March 28 - April 6, 2009 -Sculptures of GORO KAKEI-

[Place] Utuwa Nano-hana
[Hours] 11:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.

For this year's calendar of "Nano-hana", we were fortunate to have Mr. Kakei with us.
As I wrote on the afterword, I'm compelled to pick up and take his work home whenever I meet them. Rough sketches, lacquered cicada sculptures, chiseled statues of man...


With this year's exhibit held at "Utuwa Nano-hana", large works that would be difficult to take home were also brought over.
Invitations were sent to his works in slumber at the Kobuchisawa studio as well as new works at his home studio.

What face will Goro's sculptures show at Utuwa's room?
Will they create a new and unique space?

I'm looking forward to tasting their uniqueness.

Owner of Nano-Hana
Taiichi Takahashi

January 17 - March 1, 2009 -Sculptures of GORO KAKEI-

[Place] Gallery TOM
[Hours] 10:30a.m. - 6:00p.m.

Why does a human being live on burdened with troubles?
I do not know.

What is a "sculpture"?
I asked myself why I still carve after all these years, but I do not know.

But my feet carries me to my studio and my hands carves out sculptures.